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PLANET-X announces their 1st & 2nd official colorway of "Mecha Goliathon"!!!

PLANET-X is pleased to announce that the lottery sale for their amazing "Mecha Goliathon", in the very 1st and 2nd official colorways, is OPEN now thru January 24th, 2017! "Mecha Goliathon" is the 3rd soft vinyl toy (Sofubi) released by PLANET-X. This figure stands roughly 10" tall, features 9 points of articulation... and is alread on our short list for best sofubi/soft vinyl figure of 2017! Its design is inspired by the vintage Ark Diecast King Kong... and if you can't already tell, the 1st and 2nd official colorways are tributes to 'Mazinger Z' and 'Getter Robo 1'.

If you are interested in entering the lottery for these, send the following information to info@planetx.asia - 1. Name 2. Shipping Address 3. Country 4. Tel. Number 5. PayPal account name 6. Instagram / Facebook name. These will retail for $250 a pop or $300 for the pair... Lottery winners will receive notification email by Jan 7th, 2017. PLANET-X reserves the right to cancel winner's privilege to purchase if payment is not received within 3 days. Item will be shipped by mid Feb, 2017. Best of luck to all who enter!

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