Dubok's "Bigcap Monster" in "Daruma" Edition Available Now!

Following up last year's debut versions of Dubok's "Bigcap Monster" is this new "Daruma" edition, featuring the kanji for "Fortune" on its forehead and (I believe) a variation of the phrase "Both Eyes Open" on the backside. Measuring roughly 3⅛ (w) × 3⅞ (l) × 2¾ (h) inches, the "Bigcap Monster" depicts an almost cartoonish, bug-like creature that wears an oversized helmet over the top of its body, but what really makes these resin beasts notable is their multitude of display options: not only can they stand on all four legs, but they can be posed upwards on their hind legs or on their backside (which they can also spin on!). And if that's not enough, their cap element is affixed by magnet, so they are completely interchangeable between the various editions! Limited to 100 pieces and available right now, you can acquire yours from Dubok's online shop for $80 apiece.

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