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ANNOUNCED: James Jean × Staple Pigeon's Limited Edition Figure!

Flashback to 1997, when a young jeffstaple walked into a New York City boutique wearing one of his own shirts, something he'd silkscreened for a class at Parsons School of Design. He walked out of that store with an order of 12 shirts, and thus Staple (aka Staple Pigeon) was officially open for business. Over the last 20 years, Staple has become a… well… staple of street culture and design, constantly reflecting the energy found in New York and other urban dwellings. To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Staple has worked with contemporary artist James Jean to create a limited edition art toy figure that embodies that brand's aesthetic while also delving into Jean's own densely layered imagery. The result, which is being produced by Mighty Jaxx, is the above-pictured teaser. While the image is not clearly shown, it does appear to be a depiction of a pigeon with human feet, an assortment of arrows piercing its wings and backside. While we can't wait for a full reveal, we're satisfied — for now — to just stare at this teaser and imagine the possibilities…

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