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DEBUTING: Rampage Toys's "Giant Animal Monsters: Two-Toed Tom!"

Standing next to the roughly 10½-inch tall "Kesagake" (裟懸け) soft vinyl rendition of the beast known for the Sankebetsu Brown Bear Incident is the second creature from Rampage Toys's Kaibutsuya (or 'Giant Animal Monsters') line: "Two-Toed Tom"! Set to make its painted debut at myplasticheart's Monstrocities exhibition, we don't have news on the exact price for this version… though the first proper release version will be coming at the end of February by lottery for $220 apiece, each with an omake (or extra) depicting a "victim" in bikini and shorts. But what is "Two-Toed Tom", you might ask.
A major part of the folklore of the Esto area of Northwest Florida, as well as of parts of South Alabama, Two-Toed Tom dates back to 1900 when this "red-eyed hell-demon in alligator form" terrorized locals and devoured livestock. Reportedly anywhere from 14 to 24 feet long, this monster received its name from the unusual footprints it left behind, supposedly due to having lost all but two of its toes on his left front foot to a steel trap. Surviving numerous attempts to kill the beast, both by shotgun and even dynamite, reports of Two-Toed Tom's tracks happened as recently as the 1980s.

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