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Trap Toys's "RiFF RAFF" WWE-based Figure Available Now!

As we previously reported, hip hop-inspired action figure mavericks Trap Toys "get plenty of requests from rappers asking us to make them toys in their image" but they turn most down "for the simple fact that they don't really have much 'image' to work with." Of course, image is something that RiFF RAFF has in spades, so the Trap Toys duo were hard pressed to turn down his request to make a figure in his likeness. Modeled after a wrestling figure, which is inline with the rapper's WWE debut, this RiFF RAFF piece is wearing the same slick suit as seen on the cover of the rapper's Peach Panther sophomore studio album. But the namecheck jokes don't stop there, as this is made part of the fictional "Neon Icons" series — named after RiFF RAFF's debut Neon Icon effort, as well as changing his "Aquaberry Dolphin" track title into a "Real Wrestling Action" move known as "Aquaberry Backfist!!!" Limited to 100 pieces, featuring backing card art by Dan Evans, copies of this edition can be acquired now from HERE for $200 apiece. If that wasn't enough, ownership of one "allows back stage Aquaberry Access for you at any RiFF RAFF concert & free general admission and VIP access to shows for life!!!"

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