REVEALED: Eric So × Unbox Industries take on Go Nagai's "Getter Robo"!

Revealed at Toy Soul 2016, artist Eric So has once again partnered with Unbox Industries to redesign a Go Nagai super robot… and this time it is "Getter Robo"! Done more in line with the classic anime depictions than the previous "Mazinger Z" release, this officially licensed piece will be in the same massive sizing, standing 15⅓-inches tall. Produced in vinyl by Unbox, this piece appears to have a removable battle mace/axe, slidable in and out of the figure's clenched fist, and there's a magnificent fabric cape as well! Anticipated for an April 2017 release, keep an eye on Unbox’s online shop for this work, which should be roughly HK$2980 (approx. $385) apiece.

[Topmost image courtesy of Milk Magazine.]

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