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Lo-Fi's "Skoll" Coming This Week in… a Christmas Colorway!

While the name "Skoll" might be better known these days from the lightning wolf character in World of Warcraft, the name itself comes from Norse mythology. Meaning "One Who Mocks", "Skoll" is one of two wolves who pursue the sun and moon through the sky in hopes of devouring them… which they finally do at Ragnarok. "Skoll" is also the name of the above-pictured adorable little girl character who wears a wolf's head as a cap, has a furry tail attached to her dress, and carries lighting to throw as she chases the sun. Coming from the mind of Korean artist Eun Byeol Choi, known under the artistic alias Lo-Fi and a member of the nine-person collective Towooz, the roughly 4-inch tall resin "Skoll" figures have been hand-painted by the artist herself, the previous version having quickly sold out thus giving way to these gorgeous Christmas colored editions! Being released on December 8th, 2016 through the artist's own Sunny And Cloudy Weather Shop, exact ordering details will be released on the new shop's Instagram account so I'd advise giving her a follow HERE.

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