AVAILABLE NOW: Patient № 6's "Funny Carousel" Resin Art Toy!

Ah, the "Funny" series from Ukrainian artist Patient № 6, each figure sporting a rather phallic-shaped nose… Previous releases include the "Funny Doctor", "Funny Pastor", and "Funny Mouse", with a "Funny Policeman" design still announced as forthcoming at some point. But, for now, we do get the stunning "Funny Carousel" sculpture, resembling a deformed Mickey Mouse with devilish red skin atop and some sort of sadness infused carnival ride below. Standing 7½-inches tall, these pieces were hand-cast in solid resin and then handpainted by the artist. A perfect example of this craftsman's artistic voice, it is a melding of surrealism, outsider art, and kaiju aesthetics. Available now from the Patient № 6 online shop for $70 apiece.

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