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Jared Flores's "Prepare for Trouble" Custom Pokémon-themed Munny!

I'm actually not a fan of Pokémon, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate this stunning one-of-a-kind creation by Jared Flores (aka Jared Circusbear). Even as someone that didn't watch a single episode of the show, I'm still aware of the villainous Team Rocket that this heavily modified and hand-painted 4-inch tall Munny represents… though, to be honest, I did have to use the ol' internet to find out what Poké-creatures were dwelling within the cut-out "R" detail on the face. Each stylistically sculpted, inside are the team's 'mascot' character, the cat-like Meowth, as well as the two-headed smog beast Weezing and the snake-like Arbok. Painted with a wonderful brushed texture, the inclusion of a Pokéball in the figure's hand is just the perfect finishing touch. Titled "Prepare for Trouble", this work was created for currently displayed Plastic & Heroes' Custom Art Toy Show and this specific piece can be acquired by one lucky collector from HERE!

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