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Bwana Spoons Reinvents The Blind Box… well, kinda…

Bwana Spoons rolls a die, chuckling as he gazes at the result. "Oh, yes," he mutters, "I know what they're gonna get!" No, Bwana is not running a Dungeons & Dragons game, but he is giving the blind boxed format his own spin — er, roll? Pictured are the seven designs being released in Bwana's "Cyborg Stardust" edition, described as an "Invisible Army clear with blue magic and hidden skull soul", and they are being sold by random roll. After each order is received, Bwana will roll a 10-sided die to decide which figure you will get. And if you're picking up multiples, after each figure roll Bwana will eliminate that number from the possibilities, so unlike a traditional blind bag you are guaranteed not to get the same figure twice (unless you order 8 figures or more). The die number assigned each figure is listed on their picture herein, with a roll of 8 meaning you win a little prize & a reroll, 9 and 0 meaning just a reroll. Here's an example…
You order three "Cyborg Stardust" figures from Bwana. In order to fulfill your order, Bwana rolls a 10-sided die for each figure ordered. On the first roll, it comes up 6 so your first figure is a "Hooligan". The second roll comes up 8, so you win a little prize and get a roll again! It comes up 2, so your second figure is a "Kamisama". And for the final roll it comes up 6, but you already have a "Hooligan", so Bwana rolls again and it comes up 1 — so your third figure is a "Jeff".
Sounds pretty fun, right? These will be available tomorrow (December 16th, 2016) at 10am Pacific time in the Gravy Toys online shop.

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