Um, what… Luke Chueh × Munky King's First Official "Headspace" Set Debuts at DCon?!?

UPDATED! "None of the previous sets of 'Headspace' were openly distributed," according to Luke Chueh, in regards to his releases series with Munky King. "They were made exclusive to cons or specific retailers." And that's why the above-pictured version is being called Official Set #1! Referred to as the "Bears, Rabbits, Devils, Oh My!" set, it includes all three interchangeable heads — the previously seen bunny and bear in addition to the brand new devil head. Standing roughly 5-inches tall, this vinyl set will debut at this year's DesignerCon at Munky King's Booth #435, but online release will happen shortly thereafter. Of course, for the convention, Chueh will be available for signings on both days!

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