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Rato Kim's "Devil Series: Nightmare Cat" Is Keeping The Halloween Spirit Alive!

South Korean artist Rato Kim continues to find popularity with the "Boxcat" design, selling out of edition after edition of the sculpt. And even though Halloween has come and gone, that doesn't mean the time for spookiness isn't over… Deputing the new "Devil Series" of "Boxcat" pieces, the pictured work-in-progress "Nightmare Cat" look beautiful! With the box-shaped feline's ears doubling as horns, newly sculpted wings and tail elements complete the 'devilish' allusion. Announced as coming soon, it appears there might be as few as 5 of these initial figures produced for release, thus following Rato Kim on Instagram might give you a bit of head's up for when these new works are released in Rato's new online shop.

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