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Rampage Toys's Massive Mound of Monsters for DesignerCon!

Returning to DesignerCon after last year's stellar turnout, Jon M. of Rampage Toys reveals the hordes of kaiju creatures he'll be bringing to the convention. Sharing a table with Softoy Hobby's Tru:Tek, Booth #933 will be a definite boon for fans of sofubi… And, unlike many other kaiju creators, there will be no lottery system here!
But that doesn't mean there won't be purchase limits. "Persons with normal badges may buy 2 large items and small items (one of each) to their liking," according to Jon M. "Persons with vendor badges may only buy 1 large item and small items (one of each) to their liking. Anybody wishing to buy additional items is asked to check back in a bit later; after the show is rolling along a bit, and everyone has had their chance." Then, on Sunday, everyone can buy 1 remaining item of their choice. But what's he bringing?
• Hawaii Revenge Kesagake (with Necromancer Omake): $300 each
• RAMPAGE x GEEK Skull Minotaur (these things are BIG and come with an AXE!): $300 each
• HAG DX (Final release run): $200 each
• Alien X (Micro run on bright pink vinyl): $200 each
• RAMPAGE x KONATSU Tank Cats (Micro Negora riding a tank!): $20 each
• RAMPAGE x Grumble Toy Tiny Tuff (with blue jeans attire!): $10 each
• DCON 2016 Colorway Ugly Unicorn: $40 each
• DCON 2016 Colorway Uglier Unicorn: $40 each
• DCON 2016 Colorway Ugly Onicorn (with holographic sticker and Konatsu designed header): $50 each
• Blank Red Revenge Kesagake (with 4 figure omake set): $300 each
• Blank Tiny Tuff Tank Riders (RT x GT): $10 each
• Blank Milky vinyl Uglier Unicorns: $30 each
• RAMPAGE paint RT x Gravy Morel Black: $60 each
• BRODAR FEST (maybe - TBD)
According to Jon M., "Cash sales get priority." Elaborating on what that means, he states that "If you are in line, and you don't have cash, it might be possible to do Paypal later on - but not if there are folks waiting. If there is a line, I won't hold items while you either get cash or wait to use Paypal later. Cash is King!" So make sure you're wallet is full of greenbacks and head on over to Booth #933!

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