Is this the Turntablist Storm Trooper you've unknowingly been waiting for?

Thai artist Kabuki Master, a member of the TGU Warrior collective, has teased "Storm Groover," an upcoming resin release based on the classic Storm Trooper design. Based on this sketch, this chibi-esque member of the Empire wears a knit cap with horns protruding out… and are those tiny Darth Vader heads atop the horns? Yes, I believe they are! Designed to have arm articulation, what finished off this bomber jacket adorned character is a turntable that gets slotted onto the piece's back. While the concept immediately does make one recall the "Hip Hop Trooper," I find this figure far more intriguing, lending a bit more of the artist's personality to the end result. With pre-orders to begin on Kabuki Master's Facebook in the near future, these are expected to be completed by the end of 2016 or early in 2017.

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