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Han Ning's "Space Dog" is breathtakingly cute and it's finally here!

We'd previouly written about Chinese artist Han Ning's "Space Dog," a canine companion for his "Space Boy" figure. The demand for these was through-the-roof, so Ning knew he had to find a way to enlist a factory to produce them, as that would be the only way he'd satisfy all the requests. After enlisting some local crowdfunding from his hometown and finding a factory he was pleased with, Ning was finally able to begin producing these fantastic figures in mid-September. The biggest challenge of these roughly 2" × 1⅕" × 2" resin art toy creations was that standard machine production wouldn't work for them, so each of these had to be completely handmade by workers and took almost two months to complete, but it was worth the wait…
  1. Qiu qiu: a blue colored interpretation with completely frosted space helmet, a cartoonish face painted on the exterior, though we hear there's a witty & humorous space dog head hidden underneath;
  2. Da wang: the yellow rendition features a simple, iconic representation of a toothy lion's roar expression on the helmet with bear's ears sprouting forth atop, but the dog's otherwise benign appearance can been seen underneath; and
  3. Xiao tian: the iteration in pink with a seven color unicorn horn sprouting forth from his helmet!
Limited to 300 pieces in each of the three colors, these are available now in Ning's online shop for only $25 apiece!

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