Fiona Ng's Resin Collectibles of "Artorias" & "Sif" from Dark Souls!

Ah, the legendary tale of Sir Artorias, the Abysswalker, and his companion the Great Grey Wolf Sif. These beautiful "Mini Artorias" and "Mini Sif" figures by New York-based artist Fiona Ng (aka Darthasterisk) are based on the characters from the video game Dark Souls, but Ng's renditions have been hand-cast by her in resin and each hand-painted. The 4¼-inch tall knight figure comes with removable great sword accessory, while the 2¾-inch tall wolf can either be depicted as above (earlier in its life) or with the great sword accessory in its mouth, revealing the animal's later role guarding its fallen master's grave. Available to pre-order on November 18th, 2016 at 5pm Pacific time in Ng's online shop, the "Mini Artorias" piece will be $75 and the "Mini Sif" will be $55, regardless of which versions — with or without sword — that you want. There will be a set for $125, but Sif will not have the option to come with the sword, since Artorias will still be alive and well!

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