DCON 2016 exclusive first look: Broke Piggy x The Bots – "Toy Within a Toy"!!!

The folks over at Broke Piggy is sharing with us today an exclusive look at their DCON exhibit with The Bots: Toy Within a Toy. The exhibit showcases four custom 8” Dunny designs by the Bots, with three based on submitted designs by artists: Scott Tolleson, Studio Uamou, and Jeremiah Ketner. All of which will be up for grabs at the BP booth #527 for $350 a piece!

Little monster pilot looks around and thinks, “The cave is collapsing.” But then shortly realizes and shouts, “This is no cave!” The Bots took the fan favorite Hold Your Breath Series submersible design and gave it more of a story. The level of details and complexity is remarkable. The Bots are definitely pushing their talents to the next level. That’s a 1 inch figure enclosed inside a 3” Dunny which is inside an 8” Dunny. Take all of that and throw in some GID sub lights, individually sculpted fish scales, and a tail… you got yourself a sought after Dunny. For any collector lucky enough to be displaying last year’s Hold Your Breath 3” Dunnys, this 8” would be an amazing addition to your collection.

My young daughter once asked me, “Where do Deadbeets come from?” I now have the answer. We’re big fans of the Deadbeet character as well as the Bot’s style, so this Dunny collaboration is a definite treat. This Dunny creation of an elaborate farm scene combines not only The Bots’ custom work, but Scott’s as well. Yup, that’s right! Scott played a part in this custom, by not only submitting the design, but also providing hand-painted beets. There’s a two rows of hand-painted beets for the top soil, and one pesky hand-painted metal beet escaping the upcoming harvest. Such a fun design!

A few months ago a Russian telescope picked up an unknown signal from deep space, prompting some to think aliens. While some are skeptical, I will take it further and say not just aliens, but Uamou aliens. Here’s the proof. What’s even more exciting than alien contact is seeing Studio Uamou doing their first Dunny collaboration. Uamou and Dunny both have strong fan bases, and if you’re a member of both, well, your mind just exploded.

Uamou Dunny!An actual GID Uamou toy is in the pilot seat of the spaceship as it travels through outer space. There’s also tiny light details inside the spaceship that’s not seen in the photo. The best part of this design is that it was designed for the Uamou collector. With a plethora of Uamou designs to choose from, The Bots designed the ship so that anyone can easily swap out the GID Uamou for any other colorway. Or colorways? Endless options for this playful design.

There was once a magical fox that granted wishes to those who could find him. But finding him was not easy. You must first find the mysterious Tori that stands above a waterfall. And then you’d have to locate the hidden cave behind the waterfall. If you’re lucky you’ll find the magical fox. That’s how I imagine the storybook would be if Jeremiah Ketner wrote and illustrated one. While, we don’t have a book, we do have something better. The Bots once again worked with Jeremiah Ketner in producing a beautiful, color-rich Dunny. What I love about this design is not just the colors and stunning waterfall flowing underneath the Tori, but the secrets the Dunny keeps. Placing the toy within the toy on the back is what we love about this design. The hidden fox is actually hidden from view, and allows the collector some fun ways to display and show off this piece. Or maybe keep that fox hidden only to yourself. More wishes for you... Want to see the magical fox? You'll have to find him.

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