A new run of Skelevex resin set to release!!!

The latest Skelevex releases are here and set to drop this Friday (11th November) at 7:30pm (GMT). Some really cool options will be available, so let's dive in... the Mini Skelevex "Corroded Copper" edition measures 2" tall and is handmade polyurethane resin cast Skelevex featuring a hand painted, weathered and corroded, copper paint job... these will retail for £11.99 each! The Mini Skelevex - "Driptych" part 14 is next... measuring 3" long, these handmade polyurethane resin cast Skelevex feature dripped and splattered acrylic paint, inspired by the drip painting technique of Jackson Pollock. These will retail for £9.99 a pop. Lastly, Mini Skelevex "Vapours"... Resurrecting the marbled Vapours style, as first seen in the Skelevex Bag of Bones blindbag series, comes the new Die Orama style Skelevex Vapours. One of a kind pieces feature a layered spray painted base, with black marbling overlaying swirls. Measuring at 3" long, high gloss laquer finish. They will be £11.99 each! All will be available HERE at the above date and time!

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