Arcane Divination Dunny Series from Kidrobot revealed!!!

Looks like Kidrobot is sending out their new product prospectus to retailers and included is the much anticipated new 'Arcane Divination' Dunny series. We have been posting about this J*RYU curated series for some time now... and as you can see from the images above, we get a glimpse at the designs (in vector)! Some mysteries were meant to be uncovered... for the first time since 2014 Kidrobot presents the next multi-artist Dunny series: Arcane Divination. Featuring art from J*RYU, Tokyo Jesus, Godmachine, Camilla D’Errico and Jon Paul Kaiser, each Dunny gives insight into the divine by depicting different Tarot cards. Set to release in April of 2017, these designs look really nice, and like we have seen in the past... the actual production figures BLOW the flat art away, so we look forward to seeing some designs in person! If you dig these, pre-order them HERE right now from Strangecat Toys!

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