*REVIEW* Mechatro WeGo from 1000 Toys!!!

I was lucky and honored to meet the guys from 1000 Toys last year at ToyCon UK after being briefly involved with getting them in touch with the organizers. Having the 1000 Toys guys at ToyCon really added something special to an already vibrant event with their display cases full of eye popping products and the Mechatro WeGo range available to buy at the show. When it comes to toys of any description I tend to reserve judgment when I see pictures until I get the toy in my hand and see them up close. It’s often a different story when you get the toy in your hand and take a look, with the Mechatro WeGo this was not the case.

Recently I got the chance to spend more time with the Mechatro WeGo and the very first thing that hit me when I had the opportunity with these Mecha was the quality control and the attention to detail... Starting with the smaller Mechatro WeGo, the packaging is the first thing that hits you and the nice bonus for me is that the smaller figures all come in a cardboard outer box which then has a perspex container inside for ongoing protection and display. Just a little side note here, these perspex containers stack very tightly as well - it’s almost like these were made by collectors for collectors!

Taking the toys out of their boxes, there are more layers of protection inside as the figures are all secured on small posts inside the perspex boxes. But wait, there’s more - the figures come off the posts and when they are new there is some film wrap around the main body of the figure for even more protection. This is a MASSIVE thing to me as opening a damaged toy or figure shows me that the person packaging or sending the package might not care as much as they should. The people at 1000 Toys and Sentinel Toys REALLY care and it’s clear to see in every one of their products, from the more expensive 1:6 scale figures (which I will be reviewing later) to the smallest Mechatro WeGo.

The smaller Mechatro WeGo have the strangest feeling of a toy I used to play with as a child, I don’t know which toy, and there is a real nostalgic feeling to every one of these little wonders. With many options for posing and the ability to pop the front body off to put smaller figures inside, these are great fun and can take your imagination back to places the grown up world tries to so hard to ask you to leave behind. With many colourways and more to come the smaller Mechatro WeGo looks like it has already hit the collectors market hard and the opportunity for limited editions and one-off show specials is clearly a direction that this product needs to go. From the single colour versions to the MahJong versions of these figures, they are great and the quality control is consistent throughout and to the highest standards.

There are things about the smaller Mechatro WeGo which I haven’t mentioned - it’s nice to find things out for yourself and I don’t want to take away all the mystery. Could these little guys fly?

Moving on to the larger Mechatro WeGo, this is the point that they step away from the regular collectable toys and become something a bit special. The one thing that is consistent here (as with all 1000 Toys and Sentinel products) is quality control. The larger figures come in beautiful boxes which have stunningly simple but effective packaging inside which holds the figure and accessories in place very successfully. These guys are CHUNKY and as with the smaller Mechatro WeGo they feel great in the hand, but these guys are also very substantial and have some real weight to them. As you can see from the photos there are MANY options for posing these guys and you can also put another figure inside the area inside - again these guys really fire up the imagination because you can actually play with them!! Moving the arms and lifting the front you feel the quality of the build; even when you handle the arm accessories there is nothing flimsy or under-manufactured about these pieces and they will take some punishment.

You have optional tools you can change on the larger Mechatro WeGo and when you pull the hands off to replace with the other hand tools you again realise how good these are, the weight of these additional articulated pieces are as amazing as the main body. The one thing you can’t see from my photos is that there is a section on the back which comes off, when you take this section off you will see a micro usb socket and a compartment for batteries - when you make use of these then you also have lights on your Mechatro WeGo!!!

We really can’t wait to see what happens with this range next and will be keeping a close eye on happenings with the Mechatro WeGo range. Check the links for more information on these and other other products from 1000 Toys and Sentinel Toys.

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