Kidrobot x Capcom - Street Fighter V "Hot Ryu" medium figure and new 3" Mini Series!!!

Go beyond the battle! In celebration of the release of Street Fighter V, Kidrobot and Capcom have teamed up again to bring you the Street Fighter "Hot Ryu" Medium Figure as well as a new Street Fighter 3" Blind Box Mini Series. This special “hot” version of Street Fighter V protagonist Ryu stands 7” tall and makes any Street Fighter collection steam up!
The Street Fighter Mini Series offers a cast of characters that excites any fan... and if you have the others in your collection, these will be the perfect addition. Sold via blind-box, you have your shot at grabbing any of these characters: Birdie • Charlie Nash • Chun Li • Dhalsim • Fang • Karin • Ken • Laura • M Bison • Mika • Necalli • Rashid • Ryu • Vega • Zangief - all ready to roll for just $10 per box! Snag both up HERE right now!!!

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