REVEAL: Otto Bjornik's "Android, Series 6" Design from Dead Zebra!

Joining our previous reveals of the "Android, Series 6" designs from Andrea Kang, Andrew Bell, Jessica Wang, and Nathan Jurevicious, revealed today is Otto Björnik's "Sayaka" 3-inch tall Android design. Given a Japanese woman's name that means "color," this piece has a simple but beautiful elegance to it. And amidst all the crisp details there is a sculpted chōchō musubi (butterfly bow) on the backside of her hanhaba obi (sash), though it is actually the obijime (decoration rope) that really catches my eye. Wonderfully balancing minimal colors while making each element pop perfectly, we're a little sad that — according to our ratio sheet reveal — this piece will only be a 1-in-16 release. Expect more reveals from the Dead Zebra produced line in the near future.

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