Dez Einswell's "Tone Collector" resin art toy teased...

It's been a long time in the making, and it looks like the "Tone Collector" from artist Dez Einswell will soon be seeing the light of day as a resin art toy multiple! Digitally sculpted by Luis Zuleta, this piece, as described by Dez, is "our vessel to channel emotion through sound vision, shielding us from the Ultra Silence. A piece dedicated to the preservation of good music, for all of us that create, collect, listen, play and value sound."... something we can all relate to as music is a universal language.

Standing over 8" tall... they will be a sweet addition to any collection... and although the details are scarce at the moment, when we find out more info, a new post will be soon to follow! Be sure to follow Dez on Instagram HERE for up to date peeks into his art world!

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