Who is Jacob Tice & how will his "Slump" affect Designer Toys?!?

Relatively new designer toy artist Jacob Tice is getting ready to introduce us to his newest creation, the blank DIY platform figure "Slump." A bit reminiscent of Frank Montano's sculptural forms, "Slump" has a stylized head atop a slouching body, one that I can't help recalling the art of Sam Keith when looking at. Highly expressive, given an air of sadness rare in an undecorated form, these roughly 3¾-inch tall pieces just might be the quote-unquote next DIY platform we've been waiting for: one that brings its own attitude to works without being so specific that it limits the imagination. Cast in resin as opposed to made in vinyl, these are being handmade by the artist himself… which will certainly affect the quantities that are able to be made. With an expected price of $15 apiece, those interested can contact Tice through Facebook for now, while he finishes establishing a Instagram and shop for the works.

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