Simplicity and Complexity Meet: CodecZombie's "Feeding Plants" Asian Inspired Sculpture!

With an apparent Asian inspired flare, Italian artist Alessandro Randi, known under is nom de guerre of CodecZombie, delivers a perfectly executed rendition of a deceptively simple looking form: an erect boy in astronaut garb holding forth a vase of black liquid, keeping the container at a safe distance from himself. The theoretical backstory options for this piece are almost infinite, but the title — "Feeding Plants" — is the only clue we get from the artist himself. Standing roughly 9½-inches tall, each one is cast in 215 grams of pure resin then airbrushed by the artist himself before being packed in custom-made boxed with theroformed "cupola" toppers.
I love how the wash look of the paint application really highlights the details while still letting the black of the vase & splatter really pop, and the subtle hint of pink of the legs is the perfect balancing additive. Delicately balanced on its toe tips upon the rubble base below it, an illusion of this piece floating off the ground is brilliantly created. Limited to 25 hand-numbered pieces, these will be available on July 10th, 2016 at 8am Pacific time in the CodecZombie online shop. Serious inquiries can be emailed to ask [at] codeczombie [dot] com in advance.

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