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Chunkee Studios's Chinese Hopping Vampire Trapped in a Tea Cup!

Long-time readers of this site know that I have a fondness for the jiangshi, or Chinese 'hopping' vampire, which is one of my personal favorite folktales from China. And this new rendition is definitely one of the most creative I've seen. Created by Costa Rican brand Chunkee Studios, which was founded by owner and artist Cheungkinmen (a.k.a JOhnny), "Jiangshi: Putrefaction" reveals the desiccated head of vampire, complete with traditional Qing Dynasty garb, peeking forth from the brackish waters of a pond… that is contained within an actual classic oriental tea cup finished with the yellow talisman strip that prevents the ghoul from moving! The first release in the "Water Ghost" series, the green-tinged resin within the cup captures the slimy feel of an algae-laden pond while the head itself appears immaculately sculpted, cast, and painted. Available soon from the artist directly, these are set to appear in his shop for $295 apiece. Please follow Chunkee Studios on Facebook and Instagram for further updates, or contact him directly at ChunkeeStudios [at] gmail [dot] com, to make sure you don't miss one of only 28 pieces in this release being made available.

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