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REVEALED: KAWS's "Companion" Returns to Designer Toys with the Muppet parody "BFF!"

Cross bone proturbences from the sides of the head, crosshatched eyes resting atop a skull-shaped dome… yes, it is the return of the KAWS "Companion," this time as the previously teased, Sesame Street Muppet-inspired "BFF" plush designer toy! And yes, you did read that right… The Brooklyn-based artist born Brian Donnelly but better known as KAWS is indeed releasing a designer toy piece again, the design just one part of KAWS' partnering with curator SK Lam of AllRightsReserved, a collaborator the artist worked with before in 2010 for Passing Through and again last year for Clean Slate.

The BFF exhibition at Thailand's Central Embassy, opening on June 30th, 2016, will feature a nearly 66-foot tall sculptural rendition of the new character evolution, but the more affordable 20-inch tall designer plush version is more likely to excite fans looking to affordably add some KAWS art to their collection. Limited to 1000 numbered copies, these "BFF" pieces will be available for international purchase on June 29th, 2016 at 6pm Pacific time from DING DONG Takuhaibin. But that's not all that will be available…

In addition to the designer plush toy work, the "BFF" character will be featured on a t-shirt, beach towel, handbag, and even umbrella pattern. Pictured below appears to be a 3D turnaround of the massive showcase sculpture, but it still — to me — looks like the first step in making a vinyl version… Who knows what the future holds, so keep tuned!

PLEASE NOTE: There has been some discussion that perhaps the size is meant to be 20cm (or 8-inches tall) rather than 20-inches, but the information in this post is based on AllRightsReserved's announcement. Whether there was a typo on their end or not, we are not sure.

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