Hordak Gets His Horde! Toy Aisle Custom × mkultra's "Horde Demon" Figures!

While Hordak and his Evil Horde might've been more closely associated with She-Ra than He-Man, they still were some of my favorite Masters of the Universe villains. But, aside from his robotic Horde Troopers, one always had to wonder what legions of soldiers Hordeworld produced… Well, wonder no more! MOTU focused artists Toy Aisle Customs and mkultra have collaborated on some horrid beasts known as "Horde Demons." As their fiction backstory for the creatures goes:
Created long ago by Hordak in his lab, Horde Demons are now numerous among the Horde's ranks. Hordak made them in his image to be chaos spreaders in battle, in which they revel. Unbeknownst to all except Shadow Weaver and Hordak himself, these demons are also used to spy and report on other Horde members.
Standing 3½-inches tall, these original sculpt beasts have been cast in resin and hand-painted by the artists. Limited to 5 numbered copies, we can't imagine these $40 apiece works will be available for long, so make sure you contact mkultra through his Facebook account to secure one of these wonderfully nasty critters.

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