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Get away from her, you BITCH! Hugh Rose's Custom "Alien Queen" Kidrobot Munny!

Who can remember — spoiler alert — the end scenes of 1986's Aliens when the Alien Queen, still enraged by the destruction of her eggs, clashes with Ripley wearing an exosuit cargo-loader. The xenomorph royalty has been interpreted as pictured herein by UK-based artist Hugh Rose, who has carefully converted a vinyl Munny figure into this detail-laden interpretation. Especially striking is the choice to make a more angular, blocky sculpted form on the base but to still incorporate the sleekness of the original creature through the tribal-esque patterning on it. This newest horror icon one-of-a-kind piece was commissioned Rose's other similarly themed pieces (“Pinhead” from Hellraiser, “Billy” from Saw, “Captain Spaulding” from House of 1,000 Corpses, “Leatherface” from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and "Frankenstein").

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