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Frank Montano brings forth 5 new-ish "DiamondTrooper" figures this Friday!

If you missed last year's release of Frank Montano's "DiamondTrooper" original resin designer toy figure, then fret not… you'll have a new chance to grab one this Friday. Or, more specifically, a chance to buy one of five fairly newly made "Clutter Exclusive" versions. Created by the artist for the Beacon, NY gallery's recent HitSquad exhibition, the pieces surprisingly were not snapped up during the group show and now the artist himself is selling them directly. Or, I should say, he will be on this Friday, June 3rd, 2016. With each of the five 8-inch tall resin figures being hand-painted, these versions all feature black attire with pink X-marks on their chests, the unique coloration being the color of their pouches & backpacks: black, brown, green, dark gray, and light gray. With each piece coming numbered by the artist, these will be available on Friday, June 3rd, 2016 in Montano's online shop for $200 apiece, with the time of release being currently unannounced. We assume availability will begin around 10am Pacific time, but please follow Montano's Instagram feed for updates on this fantastic release.

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