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Throwing devil horns and wearing skulls, it’s Lisa Rae Hanson’s “Super Metal Mario!”

Us old school Nintendo players remember spending hours locked infront of our TVs, playing Super Mario Bros. in the hopes that this next castle was the one that the Princess was trapped inside. And, if you were like me, you might've even had heavy metal music playing in the background while you did it. Now imagine if Mario, inside the game, could hear that metal music playing and he got into it… I mean, REALLY into it. That seems to be where artist Lisa Rae Hanson is coming from, sculpting an interpretation of the Italian plumber turned protagonist with lightning bolt eyes, devil horns hand gestures, tiny skull overall buttons, and — best of all — skull-like rendition of a mushroom on his cap. Titled “Super Metal Mario,” this piece actually debuted at ToyCon UK back in April, but now the remaining 5 pieces in this limited release are getting close to being made available. Each signed and numbered piece comes in an openable blister pack and can be purchased on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 12pm Pacific time in Hanson’s online shop for $55 apiece.

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