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Skinner x Wonder Goblin - "FUNGOID MAN" resin art multiple announced!!!

SKINNER and WONDER GOBLIN have joined cosmic forces in order to breathe life into this primal alien fungus of a sinister god... introducing the "FUNGOID MAN"!!! So epicly awesome, the pre-order for two different colorways is set to happen this Friday the 6th of May! The first fully painted colorway, "Grape Jungle" Fungoid, will hit the online store HERE at 9am PST and the first blank colorway, "Lilac Blank" Fungoid, will be up for grabs at 12Noon PST! All Fungoid Men Made Entirely by Hand at the Wonder Goblin Workshop! Designed by Skinner, Sculpted, Molded and Painted by James Sizemore, Cast by Ashleigh Jo Sizemore in Solid High-Quality Urethane Resin!

"The Silent creature was formed in the damp cavernous kingdom miles below any toiling civilization of transient evolution. The communal whispers of eukaryotic things that grow with the phosphorescent will of an ill minded fungus speak of the sweet desire of skin and bones. Without predators and without reason, the Fungoid Man begins his ascent to usurp the flesh of every living thing. Will the taste of your shrieking body be a distant event hidden deep within the collective memory of a Fungoid Man? The pile of armor and steel ephemera will be the only thing left of you, there on the floor of the water worn cavern you once explored. You have been broken down into trace elements and absorbed into the poison thing that walks silently below the earth. The Fungoid Man is forever there in the dark, finding its way." Standing 8" tall and Arm-ticulated, each comes bagged with a fat Skinner-Illustrated Header Card - just check it out in the photo above! The "Grape Jungle" Colorway will retail for $185 a pop and these will be limited to a Micro-Run of only 12 pieces. The "Lilac" Blank Colorway will be $90 a pop and will be a Micro-Run limited to just 10 pieces! Sang them up HERE at the above date and times... they will sell out, so be fast!

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