Do you remember Bitxitu?

"Bitxitu", created by three customizers from Barcelona: Fluke, Godhay and HxStudios... combined to make FGH Toys, are back with a brand new batch of custom resin figures... and these 3 - find them on Facebook Fluke, Godhay and HxStudio - just announced brand new custom versions of this figure by Jessica Esper (@thegraphixchick), James Fuller (@fullerdesigns) and WuzOne (@thewuz)!!! Snag "Bob", "Popsicle", or "Rosita" HERE right now for just $75 a pop! Oh, and at the same time, they will put up three blank Bitxitu as well. Every Bitxitu launch will be a surprise, you won't know which artist will launch his custom until 1 to 2 weeks before the launch date... and their list is massive, including: Javier Jimenez, April Elliott, David Bishop, Otto Bjornik, Mei-Jean Hsu, Evan Morgan, Wuzone, Charles Rodriguez, Jessica Esper, Tomodachi, Lisa Rae Hansen, James Fuller, Maloone, and many others!

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