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Skinner x Unbox - Lolgolth Gnazgoroth "Wooden Eyes" edition announced!!!

Summoned forth from a dark place beyond space and time, the Lovecraftian horror named “Lolgolth Gnazgoroth,” or ”the Illuminated One,” has manifested yet again… Birthed from the brain of Skinner and given its impossible form by Unbox Industries, this special version of the 11¾-inch tall vinyl sculpture is truly a thing of beauty. Carefully painted in a subtle array of hues that draw forth the hidden details captured in the piece, the hand-milled wooden 'eyes' put this work of art over the top. Exclusively created for an online release, this "Wooden Eyes" edition is set to drop HERE this coming Saturday, May 21 at 3pm PST for $300 a pop!

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