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Frank Montano's "The Deviant 3" customs available today from Martian Toys!

Released back in 2010, I haven't thought about Mist's 5-inch tall "Lucius" figure in years, but those spiky ears & hands, as well as prominent teeth, are unmistakable… Each hand-painted by Frank Montano, this "The Deviant 3" series is limited to — as the name implies — three unique pieces, each differing slightly from the others by a light mist of color applied on the completed form: either grey, green, or gold. I can't see exactly what is held in the figure's claw-like hand, but it looks a bit like a crystal shard. More pictures will be posted, possibly solving the "what's in his hand?" quandary, when they are made available exclusively on the Martian Toys website today (May 20th, 2016) at 9am Pacific time.

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