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Pobber x Gary Ham x Andrew Bell - "Winter Reindeer: Nightstalker" edition Autumn Stag teaser!!!

After being hard at work on this for over 6 months, the folks over at Pobber Toys are almost ready to unveil the next 'Autumn Stag'. Introducing "Winter Reindeer: Nightstalker" edition by Andrew Bell. Some have asked if this is the mini stag which Gary himself had teased a while back. No, this is not the mini stag. This is the full size 28" tall Autumn Stag redesigned by Andrew Bell with new accessory sculpts. We dig the gray, black, red color scheme along with the swirls and other design elements apparent on the vector artwork above... and can't wait for the reveal! More info to follow soon. Updates will be released to the Pobber mailing list subscribers first... so if you want to keep yourself informed on the piece, then it's best to sign up.

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