Huck Gee × Kidrobot’s “Gold Life Dunny: Series 2” Announced… and Cancelled!

A geisha transformed into a succubus, the racoon Raku beefed up with armor and armaments, the Skullhead granted the title of Soul Collector… yes, it's the return of Huck Gee’s “Gold Life Dunny Series” characters, evolved into new versions to face a new threat: demons that have risen out of the earth, marking the Dark Days!

As you can see in the sketches and full-color turnarounds below, Gee’s “Gold Life Dunny Series 2 — Dark Days” has been completely designed and, unfortunately, already canceled over a year ago. We uncovered these pictures in a dark and secret spot on the interwebs, revealing not only a full mini-series of 3-inch Dunnys but also two 8-inch Dunnys that would've complimented this set: a steampunk-ish mech and a demon mount.

It looks like the plan was to do dozens of facial variations and colors for the mini-demons… and knowing Huck, he probably wanted this to happen so that it was next to impossible to track down all of them.
An obvious play on good versus evil, this masterfully designed collection features lots of new Dunny sculpts — as well as modifications to previously seen pieces — and it appears that every one of them would've included a tiny Mini-Demon Dunny companion! What must have surely been months of work of Gee’s part, it's a true shame this series will never see the light of day. What are your thoughts? Would you by these? Just looking through the slideshow below makes us super bummed these were canceled!

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