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JPX x The Duang - "Cube Bot" surprise colorway revealed!!!

We posted up HERE a few weeks back the new "Cube Bot" figure from JPX and Veerachai Duangpla aka The Duang... and although we all thought the first version was the only version, we were wrong as they just revealed a special chase colorway, a special "Monochromatic" edition that for customers who purchased the 'OG' version, there is a 20% chance of getting this version... RAD!!! Standing just 6" tall, this bot has 6 joints of articulation and will be limited to 400 pieces (the OG version)... so just 80 pieces of this colorway are out there worldwide. We really dig the design of this, it's fun, cute, and gritty at the same time... and the translation from 2D to 3D is spot on!

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