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A dash of graffiti, with a touch of Hip Hop... "DA TAPE EATER" resin art multiple from BEGS ONE!!!

San Francisco based artist, Jon King aka BEGGAR SO or BEGS ONE, is back with his character "DA TAPE EATER"... and now, you can pick him up HERE right now! Created with the help of Scott at Shinbone Creative, his figure was brought to life in 3D form, and then molded, cast and produced at Mana Studios! Standing 6" tall, this resin art multiple turned out really great... we dig the attitude it has, and for those of you who are into that whole urban vinyl/art scene, this is for you. "One night He arose in the junkyard deep confused and alone and looking for a beat some trouble and baseline you know the stuff that dreams are made of. The tape eater stood up looked around and tried to call out to someone anyone, but could not make a sound and in that very moment he realized something was missing and that he was very, very hungry as well. So our heroes set out on a journey to find his purpose and the delicious mix tapes his little tummy desired. What will he find?" These looks really nice and we love how stylized it it. The exaggerated limbs and that chisel tip... a great looking figure! Snag one up HERE right now.

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