And the standout surprise at Thailand Toy Expo is… Nebeon’s “Virtue & Vice, 1st Collection!”

Alexandros of Antioch’s Aphrodite of Milos (better known as the Venus de Milo) is a superb work of ancient Greek sculpture, but quite a bit of its fame is probably due to the mystery of its missing arms — which likewise have become a cohesive vision of "less is more," needing not these removed appendages to fully express the beauty of the work. A similar view can certainly be taken of Nebean (aka NEBN)’s “Virtue & Vice” series. With the 1st collection of these hand-painted resin figures displayed at this year's Thailand Toy Expo, the extremely feminine forms of the bunny-like “Virtue” and feline “Vice” are all the more memorable for what isn't included. The long skirt form ending abruptly, showing no feet, and the arms being mostly absent create an impactful profile that stays with you. This artist had not previously been on my radar, so his work seems to have appeared in a fully formed state before me and I must say that it certainly impresses. With little known about potential releases in the future, we strongly suggest you follow Nebean’s Instagram account for more information as it becomes available.

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