Return of UltraUamou for Tsuburaya Production Creative Jam at Takashimaya!!

I'm a huge UltraUamou fan and I'm beyond excited that Studio Uamou returns to present new UltraUamous at this year's "Art of Ultraman" exhibit with the annual Tsuburaya production Creative Jam. This show is a tribute to Ultraman and his cultural impact, and he's continuously lauded with various interpretations and art forms to represent his spirit. There will be many fun artists with pieces at the show!
This year we get a glow in the dark Big UltraUamou!! Previously a Big UltraUamou was released in a silver and red colorway, and there have been normal sized GID UltraUamous, so to have a big one is really a treat! In addition to the GID Big UltraUamou, there are also new colorways such as the inverted red UltraUamou.
And then, the ones I'm most excited about - gunmetal UltraUamou!!
If you're in Tokyo, you can attend the exhibit at the Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku starting April 13th through April 26th. Generally these items sell out at the show so it's unlikely any will be available online, but keep checking - you never know!

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