New "Barse" resin figures from Brent Nolasco!!!

"He's grumpy fellow always looking for trouble. He sometimes gets along with "Bun Bun" and "Sonny" who both always try to cheer him up. Food is the best motivation to get him out of his funk, so Bun Bun and Sonny always keep a supply of snacks and goodies. Barse always enjoys their company after a good treat." The newest colorway of Brent Nolasco's little resin art multiple, "BARSE", is upon us in the stunning looking edition you see above! "Barse" is a 7.5" tall, two-part, roto cast, resin figure with glass eyes and 100% hand painted by Brent and cast in the USA. Each figure is packed in a bag with header card by artist. Want one? Head on over HERE right now to pick up this vivd little dude!

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