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"Jumperr" from Colus... elegant as ever!!!

Do you follow Colus on his social media, like Facebook and Instagram?!?! If not, then you need to because he has been creating some amazing things... and one of those is a new possible designer toy he is calling "Jumperr"! Colus tells us that "I wanted to make something that tied more in with my shirt art; Animals mixed with symbolic forms (organic vs rigid) with some commentary behind it whatever it may be." That's where "Jumperr" comes into play... although the name is not 100% nailed down, we do feel like it's fitting. This figure is designed to be a centerpiece with a proposed size of 13.2". The main theme explores the idea of not being good enough or expecting too much from yourself... You should have jumped higher, and next time do better. This can be seen as a positive or a negative depending who looks at it. A source of drive or depression. Oh... and if you are a toy company out there looking to snag up this rad design for production, Colus is trying to get this made somehow... so reach out if you dig this. More on the progress soon... until then, enjoy the eye candy!

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