Custom "Daruma" Omen micro-run from shinobistinks!!!

Joseph Ehara AKA shinobistinks seny over some info about a new release... on that you all should be excited about! These are custom 3" Coarse Omens created in the style of a traditional Japanese 'Daruma' Doll. Joseph mentions "Right now there are probably a lot of people like me who are slacking on goals they created after the new year. The inspiration was simply to bring a tangible piece a person can use as a reminder of something they are wishing for, or working towards. The eyes on the Daruma Omen are intentionally blank when sold. Once received, you fill in one eye to set a goal, then filling in the other when the goal is completed. The single eye filled acts as a reminder to continue working towards your goal. After both eyes are filled in, you are now reminded of your accomplishment and you’ve seen it through. These will be releasing HERE on April 8th at 12Noon PST... and seeing as they are limited to only 5 pieces, they will go fast! There are 4 Red variants (Traditionally used for Luck & Good Fortune), 1 White variant (Traditionally used for Love & Harmony) and each sale includes: 1 Daruma Omen, 1 wooden base, 1 mini Sharpie... for just $65 a pop!

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