Coarse x JPX - Kwaii 3.5" Buddies set: "Tuii" & "Phuak"!!!

Big things do come in small packages... or should we say, big things can sometimes turn into smaller packages as the folks over at Coarse teamed up with JPX to release a smaller version of their OX named 'KWAII'... introducing "Tuii" and "Phuak"! Standing just 3.5" tall, these little guys are spitting images of their bigger counterpart, just smaller in stature! Each comes with 5 birds that rest along the horns... and for this release, these will drop as a "Buddies" set! Limited to 700 sets, these will hit the online store HERE starting this Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 9pm PST for 1640baht($50) per set! We really dig the contrast of the white/black figures... and if you already have the larger figures in your collection, these will look great next to them!

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