Special Ed Toys × Allways Hold'n’s “Kanye West Prostate Workout Kit!”

While the Yeezy brand might continue to explore retro roots with a modern twist, the Adidas brand partner on the collaborative line — Kanye West — appears to have been exploring something very, well, traditional: the good ol' prostate examine. Of course, according to West's twitter battle with ex-girlfriend Amber Rose, she claims his interest in receiving a few fingers up the ol' back door had nothing to do with health or medical check-ups! Enter the demented minds of Special Ed Toys and pin artist Allways Hold'n, who created the pictured “Kanye West Prostate Workout Kit,” which includes a single use pack of lube, moist towelette and of course, a finger condom for safe play. Available now from the notoriously named www.YEEZYGOTFINGERED.com website, these little packs of comedic joy cost only $5 apiece with flat rate shipping!

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