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Mai Nagamoto × InstincToy’s “Innocent & Core (Happiness Ver.)” Revealed!

The 3D printed prototype for the new collaboration between Japanese photographer, painter, and sculptor Mai Nagamoto and top-tier designer toy producer InstincToy is pictured above. Titled “Innocent & Core (Happiness Ver.),” this is a major upscale from the 4⅔-inch tall she created with Takuji Honda (aka T9G) as this new version of the monster “Innocent” stands 10⅔-inches tall! And I really like how this rendition of “Core,” the smaller figure, looks more like a mop-headed satyr than the UAMOU-esque version previously produced. The addition of the colorful blocks the beast can spew forth, as seen in our previous teaser, are just icing on the Japanese vinyl cake.

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