SomeStrangeThings’s tattooed alternagirl “ThreeTimesNever” resin figure!

From Barcelona-based brand SomeStrangeThings comes the pictured stylized alternagirl character, one of those trendy & hip women who mix classic punk & goth aesthetics into something teetering on being mainstream. With her half-shaved head and tattoo covered body, “ThreeTimesNever” — as this 6⅓-inches tall pin-up resin figurine is titled — has fishnet stockings slinking down her legs from a pair of short shorts while a skeleton bone structure tank top hugs her upper frame and is accented by a BDSM choker. While the disproportionate features, especially the stubby legs, are an artistic choice that might off-put some, this immaculately conceived and executed piece is completely handcrafted by the artist and is limited to 250 pieces, with the specific number in the edition being announced on her left arm tattoo, an example being "Strange Stuff 005/250.” Available now in the SomeStrangeThings online shop for €150 (approx. $169), this piece seems incredibly reasonably priced for the massive amount of work that each one must've required.

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