"Shark Brain" resin art multiple from Toy Aisle Customs releasing at C2E2 2016!!!

"As the chief scientist of Thales, Shark Brain was known throughout the Unending Seas as the greatest mind alive. Shark Brain, whose real name has been long forgotten, was banished when he was caught experimenting on citizens of Thales. To seek revenge, he built himself an army of monsters in the depths. He led this army on an attack of the capital, Neptune City, but was ultimately defeated by Queen Neptunia's armies. As a consequence of the losing the battle, the Queen forced Shark Brain to become a gladiator and fight for his life in the arena."Gotta love these bootleg mashups, especially if they are well done, and this beast, "Shark Brain", is just that! The head was designed and sculpted by Toy Aisle Customs (Ryan Lansdon) and produced in resin by the talented ManOrMonster? Studios. The bodies are from the incredible Realm of the Underworld line by Zoloworld.com, and the paint job was done by Toy Aisle Customs. Each figure comes bagged with hand cut header cards. Bio card and stickers are also included! This is a limited run of 5 figures and they will retail for $65 a pop and will be available first at the NerdCity Booth #760 at C2E2, March 18-20! Oh... and "Shark Brain" is the first character in the series "Gladiators of the Deep"... so be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for up to date info!

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