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Plaseebo's "Son of Mummy YouZha"... creeptastic!!!

This is the fourth in a series of one-of-a-kind custom YouZha figures to be released over the next few months from Bob Conge of Plaseebo... and Bob is stoked to have this opportunity to collaborate with Kearjun, the China-based artist who created the 8" vinyl YouZha figure. The "Son of Mummy YouZha” has red glass inset eyes and gold metal leaf head and teeth. There is a motion activated color-changing LED unit inside the body that illuminates the the cloth wrapped body from within as well as lighting the red glass eyes. He also comes with a 9" vinyl Plaseebo sarcophagus... an awesome collab, and these 2 vinyl pieces work so well together!!! The "Son of Mummy YouZha" will be available HERE this coming Friday, March 11th... don't miss out!

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